Original Works

Original works is just that, original and unique. I believe there is nothing that is truly original and never done before, because we as humans pull our inspirations from others. This is by nature how we learn and we unknowingly pass knowledge down. So enjoy my Unique, "Inspired by" artworks!

What is Original Art?

Fine Art

Reflections collection

These Works are inspired from Natural Landscapes, Seascapes, Landmarks and other reflections of the world around us

Canyon 11x14
Nao Victoria 16x20
Peace at last 16x20
Voyager 16x20_edited
Sunsetter 5x10

DArk and tasty collection

These Works are inspired from classic gothic literature and horror, tastfully done with an artist flare, of course. 

The raven edit
Look into my eyes (dracula) 8x10_1
The Steins (Frankiensten) 8x10_1
Creature Of The Black Lagoon web
Dark Rider