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Michael Carey Self Portrait

Believing art should have no bounds, Michael has pushed to learn new methods of creating art. To further his desire to communicate emotions through visual mediums, he creates art without limitations. He believes strongly that embracing the emotions he feels through the creation process will radiate through and connect in a special way to the beholder. “I believe you could have a 100 pieces of art, but the one you poured your heart into and felt that connection will be the one that stands out”

Born March 20th, 1985, he has always been mesmerized by art from comics, Disney cartoons and from famous fantasy painters like Frank Frazetta (“Conan the Barbarian”), and Boris Vallejo (a fantasy painter) to name a few. This inspiration lead him to begin drawing and took interest in art history and art courses.

After a brief period of pursuing college at International Academy of Art and Design, he realized quickly that his dream of becoming a Disney artist was far contrived and farther from reach than expected. While working two jobs, going to school while living out of his car, and grasping for hope of a career in art, a car accident changed his life. It set him on a path to meet his now wife, Elaine, who has given him the support and encouragement to continue his love for expressing himself through art. “Without my wife (Elaine), I wouldn’t be able to do the things I do. She takes on the world so I can focus on my art. She is my foundation to everything I’m building”

The paths unfolded as the journey to find himself continued. It wasn’t long before he was able to search out other successful artists in search of a way to live the dream as they have. Upon a seemingly destined meeting with Phillip Anthony in a coffee shop, they discussed how he was able to find his passion and make a living doing so. Phillip offered Michael a job working with him so that he could learn all the insides of the art business. Michael took a daring leap and accepted his offer, quitting his normal day to day job to follow his dream. Phillip helped guide Michael to learn all the ways he had learned from his own trails. He encouraged Michael to learn oil painting, a medium he feared to work with from hearing false rumors of how difficult it is to use. Oil painting changed the way Michael approached art. It opened new ways to create art on another level he would have never known. “Sometimes we have to break down those barriers that keep us safe in order to be able to grow to new heights.” “Working with Phil for years had been a liberating experience and has helped me realize there is more to art than just applying paint to canvas.”


Inspired by the Seascapes Phil created and the idea his wife Elaine gave him, brought the series of oil paintings that are now featured in Phillip Anthony's Signature Gallery, Cornerstone, in Saint Augustine, Fl. “After visiting Saint Augustine and seeing the port where the Nao Victoria and El Galleon dock, they looked so glorious, I knew instantly that I wanted to paint them.” “It’s something about the ships that carried explorers across the oceans, crafted from wood, to take on the seemingly unending daunting seas. Despite all the dangers, they gracefully glide over the waters in a way that makes you fall into a trance and forget.” Michael plans to further his collection, pushing the boundaries of art and showing that there is no limits to creating. What is Art, after all?





1.     1.

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

"the art of the Renaissance"


fine art, artwork

Michael Carey Self Portrait